The Aryan Warrior

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The Aryan Warrior

by Pastor Richard G. Butler


Population and Race

The Aryan world idea is accepted by Aryans universally both as revealed Christianity and legislative law. It is an idea comprising both the spiritual and the material, a Guide to nation builders and to the individual in his search for the truth.

The very foundation of faith and worship is Racial Truth; for with the Aryan, Christianity and Race are one. On this foundation arises the will to power and world leadership inherent in the soul of the seed of Adam. Through Racial purity and an unfettered instinct in procreation the Aryan goes forward to the re-peopling of his world.

The Aryan does not have sexual union outside his own race, but seeks always the improvement of his own species. Perfection in type is the union between man and woman who are fair with comely eyes and an open countenance. These traits constitute the Adamic ideal, in whom the Aryans acknowledge their heritage as the Israel of God. The Aryan honors the science of eugenics, founded by the English biologist, Sir Francis Galton in the 19th century, which science continues today through those such as Dr. Shockley and Dr. E.O. Wilson.

Under the Covenant Natural Law Order the following definitions apply:


Property in the form of land or Industrial wealth is subject to public control and will be operated for National and Racial interest.

Private corporate ownership remains in name; but since all ownership is regarded as trusteeship for the Nation under God, exploitation must be effectively ended. There shall be no taxation on homes or farms of citizens, the guarantee of true ownership.

Since economic security in all stages of life is guaranteed to every member of the Nation, the covetous pursuit of material wealth becomes unnecessary and, indeed, a despised social aim. A man will be honored for his personal abilities and accomplishments and for the excellence of his children rather than for his material riches.

A man shall own his home or farm and other personal possessions, but the exploitation of the national property to alien control for private profit is forbidden.

The Aryan community recognizes its most precious possession in its children. Where property is concerned, the aid will be towards the nation's citizen ownership and benefit rather than alien ownership and benefit.

Industry and Finance

Aryan nationalism predicates a system in which all men are Producers. Excepted only are the children and the aged who, together with those temporarily incapacitated, receive and live upon the fruit of their labors with State help and allowances.

The financial system of International Jewish capitalism will be ended. There is no unearned income or reward without service. Loans are made interest-free to industry and worthy individuals, thus ending the system of usury or of debt-interest.

Within the framework of a usury-free system, industry will be self-governing with representatives of management, workers and consumers co-operating to distribute equitably the proceeds of industry.

Industry and finance will be subject to general control by central authority for the purpose of coordinating the national industrial system.

Production is wealth. There is no other economic criterion.

Aryan Youth

Aryan youth aims to be educated spiritually, mentally, and physically for the service of the Race so that our Race may fulfill its manifest destiny and purpose.

Youth movements, both for boys and girls, are a vital part of all Aryan States.

In young men the Aryan ideal is of physical and athletic fitness, reliability and determination of character, proficiency in chosen livelihood occupation, and general usefulness to the community.

In young women the accent is primarily on fitness for motherhood and homemaking, but also on athletics and arts.

Aryan youth regards its racial unity as indispensable to its continued strength. The concept of race and nation must dominate all other social divisions. In unity and comradeship is the strength of the whole Aryan order. Aryan youth is sturdy and proof against all trials, is fearless and determined.

Aryan youth believes in action rather than in words in the principle that youth must be led by youth. The Aryan does not devote himself or herself exclusively to personal interest. The ideal of service to the community predominates. To steel the body, to prepare and fortify the mind in order to serve Race and God is the creed of Aryan youth.

Aryan youth knows first how to obey. Only he who knows how to obey can learn to command. Alongside the training and hardening of the body is the task of obedience and discipline in youth.

Aryan national discipline breeds love of order in the world in contrast to the parliamentary democratic chaos. Aryan youth is consciously idealistic and believes in sacrifice for the greater good of the community.

Aryan youth believes in ideals and hard virtues necessary to the foundation of great peoples which never surrender or weaken before the blows of life. Aryan youth is God-believing and abides in the Laws of God.

Aryan Women

Every child that an Aryan mother brings into the world is a battle waged for the existence of her people.

The program of the National Aryan Woman's Movement has truly a single point—the child.

The sphere and tasks of man and man and woman in life are separate but complimentary. Mutual respect lies in the fact that both man and woman know that each is doing everything which is necessary to maintain the whole national community.

The Aryan way of life is determined not by material considerations but by the soul of a nation. Aryan woman gives herself in conscious idealism to the concept of the national interest before private interest.

The thoughts of Aryan are dominated by the desire to enter family life.

A creed of the Aryan woman is this: "We serve the life of our people. We regard our household responsibility as for achieving and maintaining the physical and spiritual health of the nation."

Aryan woman brings true love and affection and a happy, well run home to refresh and inspire her man and family.

Aryan woman is treated with chivalry and absolute respect by Aryan man. The morality of the Aryan girl is very important. As girls, you must learn to play your part in the national community and you have to school yourselves for the day when you shall become the wives of our men and the mothers of our new generation. For, the men who are to shape the future of our Race need Women of your kind, women who, in profound faith and in brave spirit, are prepared to share with their menfolk every hardship and sacrifice.

This is a high aim for every girl, for the attainment of which is very worthwhile, to devote years to making oneself pure with a view to being able in all honesty to fulfill this mission.

There is the world of Man and the world of Woman. Nature has ordained that man should be the guardian of the family and the protector of the community. The world of contented womanhood is made of family: husband, children, and home. Both man and woman form a totality in which a people is able to live and prosper. Honored above all is the Mother. It is a far greater love and service to be the mother of healthy Aryan children than all else the Aryan Woman can do.

It is a duty of the Aryan State to safeguard the mother and child.

Aryan woman finds her joy and self-fulfillment in creative living and in a conscious development of the higher culture of Aryan life under the Law of God.

The Aryan woman guards the purity of her blood in which reposes her racial instinct and strength, the guarantor of Aryan culture.

Aryan Law

Aryan Law honors the spirit more than the strict letter of its legal code. Judges are, therefore, given wide powers in the racial and national interest; and the efficient, speedy working of the legal machine is always sought in maintenance of the community interest and in the punishment of wrongdoers.

Aryan justice knows no compromise with evil, and least of all with the power of the purse. The Law is clearly stated in the Holy Biblical Scriptures, available to every citizen. The administration of this Law will be an efficient process unhampered by the legal parasites of the capitalistic code.

The Army

The Aryan believes in the armed forces of his people as being responsible for their destiny and as the guarantor of the future.

The army is for the defense of a country and a Divine ordained racial concept, not for the protection of a political and economic system.

This is the pledge of the Aryan soldier: "At the beginning of our struggle there stood a people; at the end of our struggle there will once more stand a people."

The fight for our race has always come and will always come from the world of Aryan soldiery.

The school of the army teaches the Aryan in self confidence to rely upon his own strength.

The Aryan Army exists not to deprive non-Aryans of their freedom but to protect Aryan freedom.

There is nothing else in the whole of the Aryan State which is so rich in tradition as the Army.

In the indissoluble and sworn Unity of People, State, and Army lies the enduring strength of the Aryan and the entire Aryan world destiny.

Constitution and World Outlook

The constitution of the Aryan World and National Aryan State is based upon the Leadership principle.

The Covenant combines the people's will with the authority of administering the Law.

The best form of State and Constitution is that which, with natural sureness of hand, raises the best brains of the community to a position of leadership and predominant influence.

The end in view of all Aryan efforts and institutions is the preservation and increase of the race and people for the of their Father and God.

The Aryan Constitution is Divinely ordained and based upon Eternal Life Law principles.

The Divine-Ordained Aryan Constitution stems from a single central authority. The heads of all departments carry full responsibility in their work, exercising control over subordinates and being subject to the general control of their superiors. Such is the executive foundation of the Aryan National State.

The Aryan United States represents the leadership or the control of its own destinies by the entire community as a Nation and Race. Neither the merchants nor the workers, private class nor group, can control a State for its own private interests.

Capitalism, or the lending and borrowing of money at interest, cannot be in the Aryan State. The economic system is, under Divine Law, controlled towards the equation of production and consumption in which there is only income earned by work.

The starting point of an Aryan National State is not the State but the people. The supreme test of every institution is: Does it preserve the people?

Intolerance of opposing ideas is necessary to strength. Strength lies in the disciplined observance of rigid principle based upon preservation of Nation and Race.

The Aryan political concept of government is by statesmen trained in natural Divine Law and administrators, advised by technical experts in the various fields of economic and cultural activity.

The Aryan views not only his State and Nation but his Race throughout the earth; and he works for understanding and union between the different language of the one, ordained ruling Race. Against the international organization of Jewry he sets his Aryan Christian World union.

Aryan Nationalism embraces the heroic Aryan principle. Sacrifice for the Cause rather than personal pleasure must be the guiding light. For, on the foundation of Aryan strength and unity are built the only possibilities of individual fullness of life. To the anti-Christ doctrine of the prime importance of the individual, the Aryan Nationalist replies with the doctrine of common Racial interest before private interest. This concept, together with the leadership principle forms the basis of this Aryan Christian Constitution, a Divine Compact.

The Aryan Nations movement is not mere theory: it is the acknowledgment of the millions of our Race that they are brothers and sisters.

The future of an Aryan America as of the whole Aryan world, does not depend on the number of associations which work for this future, but it rather depends on the question whether the will of the many can be successfully brought to acknowledge our Father's single Will and, thus, be united in a movement which will execute our purpose and our ordained mission on earth.


Mere intellectualism is a disease or wavering of the mind. Will power allied to set purpose alone creates strength of mind and a true culture.

A true culture knows strength as well as knowledge. The essence of an Aryan culture is the certainty of Racial destiny and the consecration of all energies to the accomplishment of the Racial mission.

There is no such thing as a revolution in art. The only eternal art is Greek-Nordic.

Respect for the great men of the past is the sacred heritage of our nations.

The moral strength of a nation depends upon its cultural activities.

True art and culture are the expression of the soul and ideals of a Racial inheritance.

Art is the image of the artist's soul. Beauty is to be associated with that which is healthy and natural.

Aryan culture rigorously oppose the degenerate art and ugliness of diseased and corrupt minds and always maintains a high aesthetic standard.

The soul of a people is determined by its culture.

It is not the function of culture to bring modernism to the art of the ancients. The standards of art are whether it is "valueless" or "valuable", "transitory" or "eternal".


The foundation of a State is its farmers and agriculture.

The farming community has the right to State protection both as regards its permanency of tenure and the sale of its produce.

Maximum production from the land, but without exhausting its fertility, is a primary aim of an Aryan State.

Land Settlement with the creation of farm holdings for family inheritance is the aim of an Aryan State, rather than the movement of population to the towns and cities.

Self-sufficiency in food production and consumption is the agrarian ideal for all Aryan Nations.


The establishment of a national education system based upon Racial identity and culture with control based scripture foundation for a unified political and philosophical outlook.

Education in an Aryan state should be consistently based upon the foundation of Aryan culture.

Aryan Nationalism insists upon the priority of life and action over all other systems of education and learning.

The Aryan concept is of practical rather than theoretical experience in education and sees in political struggle in youth movements for both sexes character builders of the first order.

Physical training and athletic accomplishments are an essential part of youth training in Aryan peoples.

All forms of education in Aryan States have one aim: the shaping of the Aryan Nationalist man and woman.

Man is a unity of Spirit, mind and body. Education should develop him as an integrated trinity.

The foundation of Aryan States is in an understanding of Racial philosophy and biology.

Higher education should be determined by merit. Thus, strength of character and mind, physical fitness and Racial traits are points insisted upon in this selection.

Intellectual capabilities alone are insufficient. To them should be added strong will power, a sense of right behavior and of team work, and a consciousness of belonging to the Aryan Racial stock.

We look to the examples from other Aryan States as guides in respect to youth movements, labor, military service and vocational training for both young men and women as supplements to the general educational system for all Aryan peoples.

The function of education is not exclusively to fill the mind with knowledge but to develop capabilities needed to occupy a position of responsibility.

Education for political post should receive prime attention. For, whereas the power of money has determined political position within the plutocrats, merit alone should count in an Aryan State. The science of politics requires first-class Aryan material and its technical schooling as does any other science.

The Aryan Nationalist principle of education places the main emphasis not on intellectual attainments but on character.

Christianity and the Aryan Vision of God

Christianity for the Aryan is Race and Race is Christianity.

Race is Soul seen from without and Christianity is Soul seen from within.

Seeing that the ultimate arbiter in the minds and soul of men is a faith and world outlook, Aryan Nationalism , representing the union of Worship and State in an Aryan folk community, is a vibrant missionary creed claiming the total allegiance of Aryan man.

The failure of the so-called Christian churches is largely the result of their sin against the "the likeness of Yahweh" in ignoring Race and the purity of the blood of the Nation.

True Christianity seeks above all the preservation and increase of Aryan man, a noble and unique creature which, by God's Grace, has been given to the earth.

The essence of Christianity and Race is contained in the question which is of first importance to the Aryan world: Does this serve the interests of our Race and People now and in the future, or will it injure? Before the test, there can be no consideration of party politics, of "religions," of humanity, or, in a word, no other consideration can have any place whatsoever.

Christian belief, to be true, to be Aryan, must be purged of all remnants of Jewish thought.

We wish to fill our culture once more with the Spirit of Christianity, but not only in theory.

The fight against the poisoning of the soul must be waged alongside cultivation of the body. The life of the Aryan people must be freed from the asphyxiating perfume of modern eroticism. The aid and method must be governed by the thought of preserving our nation's health in body and soul. The right to personal freedom comes second in importance to the duty of maintaining the Race.

The Aryan hates the word "impossible": it has always been the mask of the faint-hearted, of men who did not dare to carry out great resolves.

Only when this Jewish bacillus infecting the life of Aryan peoples has been removed can we establish a cooperation amongst the nations which shall be built upon a lasting understanding.

The readiness to sacrifice one's personal work and, if necessary even one's life for others, is the most highly developed characteristic of the Aryan Race. The greatness of the Aryan is not based on his intellectual powers but rather on his willingness to devote all his faculties to the service of the community.

One thing we must never forget: A majority can never be a substitute for the Man.

With those known as Jews there is no bargaining, there is merely the harsh "either—or."

We realize that the fight is not against enemy nations but against the international capitalists who rule all nations.


Our education also trains men to respect intellectual achievement: We bring one to respect the spade, another to respect the compass or pen. All now are but Aryan fellow countrymen, and it is their achievement which determines their value.

The pursuit of agriculture is the foundation of the Aryan State.

The countryside produces men for the nation and has been through the generations the eternal source of National strength.

In the sphere of economic life all action must be governed by one law: Capital serves industry and industry the people of the nation.

What is necessary is to teach each class and profession the importance of the others. All together they form one mighty body: laborers, farmers and professional men.

All work which is necessary ennobles him who performs it. Only one thing is shameful: to contribute nothing to the community.

Nothing falls into a man's lap from heaven. It is from labor that life grows.

The wage of a people has meaning only when it arises from production. Every increase in production should benefit the whole people and raise the people's standard of living.

We renew the only true economic system. It's bases is that capital is workpower and the value of our money lies in our production.

Jewish Communism

The splitting of Nation and race into groups with irreconcilable views, systematically brought about by the false doctrines of Marxist Bolshevism, means the destruction of the basis for a National will to life. Aryan Christian Nationalism, on the other hand, creates a real community, raising above the interests and differences of rank and class.

Bolshevism teaches Godlessness and acts accordingly.

Bolshevism turns flourishing countryside into of sinister wastes of ruins; Aryan Nationalism will return to the Law of God and will transform a land of destruction and misery into a healthy State and a flourishing freedom.

Against Jewish Bolshevism stands the Front of the Aryan people: workers, farmers, and those who are creators in sphere of the intellect, one great indestructible community.

Aryan Kingdom Identity represents a world conquering, Law order of Jesus Christ that will be accepted by all peoples. Jesus Christ not only conquered pharisaic Marxism with its Jewish-Talumdic dogma, but gave to the world the true revolutionary dynamic: the Aryan Christ order under His perfect Law.

Great nations do not succumb through loss but rather through Racial decay and the destruction of their internal order.

A classic technique of Jewry is to create the appearance of assimilation in a country, thereby breaking down the natural self-defense of a nation to alien infiltration. Whether remaining a separate people or assimilating, Jewry has sought Jewish World Revolution, and Bolshevism has been its main instrument. Capitalism and Bolshevism are the two sides of the same international Jewish coin.

Nearly all Bolshevism agitators in America and elsewhere are Jews.

The Jewish Marxist watchword, "workers of the world unite," is conquered by a higher realization, namely "ARYANS of all classes and of all Nations, recognize your common enemy, International Jewry." The Jewish question is not just an American problem, but a world problem.

Attitude to Other Religions

The Aryan Nationalist stands firm: One with God, in his attitude to the world and its people.

The ending of the Canaanite's (Jewish) world means the end of religion as such. The Truth of the Ever-Living God, Yahweh, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth in the regenerated Aryan Race is the Highest Concept of Faith and Belief which cannot be found in Jewish created religions.

The Aryan honors the prophets and God-given leaders of other nations of His Race and recognizes all paths which have been sought to the Divine and Eternal Truth of God.


An Aryan National State permits the participation of governed in the government. In an Aryan National State population has a common racial root, common language and a common understanding of right and wrong.

The "Law of Nations" is the law of the race as the law of nature. In other words, as the will of nature's God, it is indispensably binding upon the race in whom the sovereign power resides and which is consequently under the most sacred obligation to exercise that power.

A State then consists in the association of the individuals of whom it is composed and lasts as long as the duration of that association. When this association is dissolved, the State of Racial Nation ceases to exist though all the members of whom it was composed still remain. This is the condition in which our Aryan Racial Nations are existing in the present day: Nations without a State, for the only duty of a State is the preservation of its members. This is the only duty which the State owes its members and itself.

A Racial Nation has a right and is under an obligation to preserve itself and its members. It has, by a necessary consequence a right to do everything it can to accomplish and secure those objects. Therefore, only those of the Nation can be of the Nation, and a State for the Nation can only exist out of the members of the Nation.

The Aryan Code

Upon three pillars stand all the reason and purpose, all the hope of the creation, all the promise of "life," and all that is to come.

The FIRST principle: our Race, a People related to Him Who beget us and of Whom we alone can in truth say, "OUR FATHER".

The SECOND principle: our individual and collective national asset of will honoring the mutual brotherhood of our elect racial family.

The THIRD principle: total commitment of fidelity to the Law of Life for preservation of the existence of our life. The Life is the purpose by the Creator, Whom we call YAHSHUA, of all that was made.

The Aryan View of Life

The Aryan Nation individual is a fighter for a Faith-law order expressed through the concerted will of kindred spirits, dedicated to the freeing of the "body" of his nation from the bonds of slavery, forged by lying invention and contrary to the inherited, inborn Natural Law Order for this "body".

He views his part and his movement as a means to an end: the reinstitution of a State for his Racial Nation. He does not view the envisioned State as an end in itself, but the State as a means to a higher end, the fulfillment of the purpose of the Law Order by his Divine Father and only God.

He comprehends that his salvation, individually and nationally, lies in the return of his people to the covenant of their Father with all their hearts and souls.

He knows that this covenant was made to a select and elect people and that, only by their separation from all alien people, their idols, gods, and practices and assembled as a body of physically and mentally equal living beings, can they "seek the kingdom" and return from the slavery of their iniquities.

He places the love for his kindred brotherhood above self-interest and the fulfillment of his mission to hold high the light of Christ to guide the steps of his brethren who stumble in darkness as the highest service he can render unto his nation.

He fears not the threat of anti-Christ Jewry nor the sword of those who serve the darkness of the lies of Jewry, but is a warrior firm in conviction of truth with the sword of his Father who cannot lie. He knows the day of His Victory.

He, above all, knows it is by Aryan union, by the common bond of blood and will, by the courage born of the conviction of his right, by the essence of spirit, from above that he will fight—fight against the so-called impossible odds, knowing that with God all things are possible.

Therefore, we as kindred warriors, strengthening one another in the true love of our Father's Truth, do fight the good fight to lift His Standard, to make the paths straight, to give knowledge to the ignorant, to expose the lie of darkness, to the light of truth, to slash free the chains of Jewish degradation that hold our brethren in debt to the usury of immorality, depravity, and death.

His Victory We Hail!!

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